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Datum: 14. Juni 2024 21:00

Haoua and Azera Doga, collectively known as "Les Soeurs Doga" are twin sisters hailing from Burkina Faso's capital of Ouagadougou. The power duo, a household name at home, has been active since the early 2000s and surprises with their ability to seamlessly switch between traditional idioms mostly sung in their native Mooré language, and contemporary, almost rap-like chants. They have the unique ability to address their country’s most pressing issues, such as terrorism or hunger, and turn them into uplifting and infectious call-and-response anthems of 100 % positivity. Or, as the Burkinese press has put it: "A strong spiritual message coupled with festive optimism."

The sisters' first shows in Germany accompanied by their friend from Hamburg, beat maker and sampling wizard extraordinaire Viktor Marek, went down a storm. People on the dance floor sported big grins on their faces to celebrate these outstanding performers and strong African women!

The globetrotting producer and DJ Marek is the CEO of St. Pauli's notorious Golden Pudel Club, and known for his involvement in projects like The Kings of Dubrock, 8 Doogymoto, and the long-running duo with Pakistani sitar virtuoso Ashraf Sharif Khan. A first sample of his collaboration with the mighty Doga sisters surfaced on his solo album "Mr. Subtitle" last year.


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  • 14. Juni 2024 21:00